Does your choice matter when hiring a Realtor?


It is always a good idea to interview at least a few Realtors before hiring one. Some things you should talk to them about is what kind of marketing they do. Also, how much do they spend marketing their homes? Do they use a professional photographer? With so many people shopping online this is a must.  Check their reviews and see what other people are saying about their service. Were they happy with them? Did they provide outstanding service?

How are their negotiation skills? Do they answer their phones and return calls in a timely manner? How often will they communicate with you and will they give you showing feedback? Will they keep you in the loop?

Are they showing you comps to justify the right price that you should list at? Did they do their homework? How do they present themselves? Are they professional in their manner and dress?

A good Realtor will be honest with you about everything. Do they give you advise on what should be done to the home before listing? Have they spoken to you about what you will net and what it will cost you to sell? Sometimes it is best to put off listing if you will lose money. A good Realtor won’t take the listing if it is not in the best interest of the seller.

Have they talked to you about contingencies that will permit you the time you need to find another home? Have they explained you won’t have to sell if you don’t find the home you are looking for within the contingency timeline?

Have they advised you on showing times and given you tips on selling and staging? Have they gone over the terms and explained everything well? Have they given you ideas of things you could do to make your home stand out from other listings?

Have they talked to you about terms to accept from buyers? Have they asked you if anything is excluded from the sale and gone over the seller’s disclosures with you? Have they explained multiple offers, and will they check with the lenders of any buyer’s offers to make sure that the buyer is truly vetted?

Do they have your best interest at heart? Do you feel comfortable with them and trust them? Make sure they answer ALL of your questions.

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