Home sellers Communication is so important

Sellers is Communication important to you?

I have talked to many sellers that have had bad experiences with their Realtors. They have told me that basically the agent just put a sign in the yard and they never heard from them again until they called asking if they wanted to lower the price.

Here at Haven Real Estate Group we stay in communication with you. We send you weekly marketing reports that show how many views you have had on your home on sites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, tour factory etc. We follow up with our sellers letting giving them the feedback from potential buyers that have visited your home. We let you know how they felt about your home after showings.

We also have a phone tree which is so important. We respond to every inquiry about your home. How this works is when someone inquires the phone rings to over 16 agents, so someone picks up. Statistics show that if an inquiry is answered the chances of getting that interested person in to see the home are over 90%. After about 10 minutes if unanswered the chances of setting an appointment dramatically decrease. The reason for this is that the potential home buyer has moved on to other homes. We answer the buyer’s questions and arrange a showing for them. We are a team, so we work together. The average time for a Realtor to respond to a call is 15.5 hours. Not at our office. Our response time is under 3.5 minutes. That is the difference in hiring a team and not an individual agent. Calls that come in during the night are answered first thing in the morning by our sales manager. I cannot stress how important this is.

As far as asking you to lower your price, we never do that. Why? Because if your home is priced right at market value there will never be a need to. That is why it is so important to hire a qualified Realtor who does their homework with comps to accurately price your home at market value.

We also have a strategy with our open houses and when is the best day of the week to put your home on the market. We list our homes on Thursday’s giving enough time before the weekend for as many people as possible to see your home online. We do an open house on the first Saturday. We schedule it for just one hour and at 10 am to 11 am making it the first one of the day. The reason we do this is to get as many people into your home at one time to create a sense of urgency. Also doing it early and for a short time so people will want to make sure they get in. This often accomplishes multiple offers on your home. This can get you more money for your home.

Since most people are shopping online having professional photography is an absolute must. We have great professional photographers that do an amazing job.

If you would like more information you can reach me at 509 731-3302 or pam@spokanehaven.com

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Pam Glende


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