Will the buyer of your home use FHA or VA financing. Don’t eliminate your buyer pool.

Will the buyer of your home use FHA or VA financing. Don’t eliminate your buyer pool.

Hey Sellers, did you know that if your home will be listed under 250,000 there is a 35% likely hood your buyer will use FHA or VA financing.

While this may seem unimportant to you it is something that you should consider when putting your home on the market. Why do you ask is this important? Well FHA and VA have certain requirements of the homes condition. You don’t want to limit yourself to just Conventional buyers. What does this mean to you? It means that if your home doesn’t qualify for these programs you will literally shrink the available buyers for your home by ONE THIRD!!! The less demand your home has = LESS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. The reason I say this is that the more people that you can get in to view your home in a short period of time the more it creates a sense of urgency. The idea is to open it up to as many buyers as possible and receive multiple offers which could lead to more dollars in your pocket.

Often problems occur when a home isn’t FHA or VA ready during the loan process and the seller is in contract with that type of financing. To avoid this issue, make sure you use a qualified real estate agent to check for potential issues before listing your home.

This shouldn’t sound scary. FHA and VA requirements are usually easily met, but if you are considering selling your home in the next 6 months it is best to meet with an agent now that can go through your home and point out any potential issues.

Better yet give me a call and I would be happy to meet with you. I can also give you tips on getting your home “ home ready”.

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