Will your home turn off a perspective buyer?

Will your home turn off a perspective buyer? Here are some suggestions for sellers to consider.

When selling your home you will need to look at your home objectively. Look at it through a buyer’s eyes.

First thing is curb appeal. Does your yard and landscaping need some sprucing up? Are there dead plants in the planter or overgrown shrubs? Does your walk way have a clear path? How about your front steps? Make sure they are in good shape. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint and fix that torn screen. You should clean up the yard and make sure if you were just driving up to your home it would look inviting, leaving the potential buyer wanting to see more.

Secondly, as the buyer walks in the door are there odors? Pet odors, tobacco, cooking, fragrance and mildew odors can be a big turn off. We become immune to the odors in our own home. It’s a good idea to ask a friend to come over and see what they smell. We love our pets but sometimes they can make our homes smell. Most times all that is needed is to have carpets and furniture cleaned. If fragrances are too strong a buyer may think you are trying to cover up something. If there is a mildew odor, buyers may think that there are plumbing issues and possibly toxic mold. Take care of any leaks and repair any water damage.

Thirdly, clutter is a big problem. Too much in a home makes a buyer not able to imagine themselves or their belongings in your home. It also makes a home seem unkempt. Not to mention that too much in the home makes it appear smaller. So do a thorough cleaning and remove as many personal items as you can including family photos. Take out as much furniture as you can and make each room simple with just the basics left. Wipe down walls and make sure that each room is painted in neutral colors or grays. If you have bold wallpaper or paint remove the wallpaper and paint with a more inviting neutral color otherwise the buyer will be thinking of all the work they will have to do. Keep your home as neutral as possible to open it up to as many people as you can.

Fourthly, lighting is very important. A dark home makes a home feel uninviting and depressing. Open drapes and let the light in. Trim back any shrubs or tree branches that are limiting light coming into the home. Leave lights on for showings and make sure that all light fixtures have the same and highest wattage that is safe for the fixtures so there is uniform lighting. If a room doesn’t have enough light add a floor lamp or two in the corners.

Fifthly, address all items big and small before listing. Fix all of the things you have been putting off. Get your home show ready and then sit back and relax and let the Realtor do the rest.

Hi, I am Pam with Haven Real Estate Group. If you would like me to look at your home objectively give me a call at 509 731-3302. Thank you!

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