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Selling your home is a huge decision. It can be very emotional and stressful. 

It is important that you choose an agent that has your best interests at heart.

Your agent needs to give your listing a 72 hour window to get as many offers as possible on the table for you to review. The agent should put in the agent notes that offers won’t be reviewed within the first 72 hours of coming on the market.

This makes it possible for you to have multiple offers to review, therefore giving you a chance to pick the best offer that meets your needs. Also this gives you the opportunity to net more on your home sale.

It is also important that your agent has good negotiation skills.

It is also important that you pick an agent that is going to communicate with you and keep you updated.  You should be getting weekly showing feedback.

An agent should never just put a sign in the yard and then you never hear from them again until they call asking you to lower your price.

If your home is priced at market value there won’t be a need to lower the price.

A good agent will do the homework with comps giving you an accurate market analysis.

Most importantly they should answer their phone.  It is important to connect with every inquiry on your home within the first few minutes a buyer inquires. Statistics show that if an inquiry isn’t answered within the first few minutes that the likelihood of getting that buyer into your home dramatically decreases.

We  at Haven have a phone tree that rings all of our agents insuring that all inquiries are answered in a timely fashion.

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